Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Halloween decorations

Hey guys! So, this year I have decided to make my own halloween decorations from stuff i have laying around the house. I know this is a crochet bog, however, i thought it'd be fun to switch it up a bit!! These are all going to be pretty easy crafts and i will be posting them with instructions as i go along. ☺ Enjoy & have fun!

The first idea i came up with, was for our main wall in the house. After exploring online for ideas I finally came up with this!

Basically, all i did was take some yarn i had laying around and make the web, using this link as a guide: 

For the bats, all i used was black construction paper & double sided tape. I found a great template to work from and I just traced multiple bats onto the black construction paper, stacked a few sheets together & cut them out. I then folded the wings upwards and curvy, placed the double sided tape on the underbelly & stuck them to the wall as pictured ☺ I will definitely be putting more of these around the house. 

The spiders i used another template guide, but the one i used is for spider garland so it was alot faster to make them. I then used some glitter to make them fun & spooky.  

Hope you guys enjoy this project & Happy Halloween 🎃👻

Thursday, May 14, 2015

WEEK 10 Completion of CAL Mystery Afghan 2015

HURRAY EVERYBODY!!! It is finally completed :) I must say that I have definitely learned a lot of different crochet techniques and stitches that I have never seen or done.

I have two favorite stitch patterns that we used during this CAL.
My two favorites are the braiding technique and the cross treble technique!
I will definitely be using those techniques on future projects.

The pattern for week 10 can be found here:

& the helpful video can be found here:

And finally, here is my completed Afghan for Yarnspirations 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL :)

So I guess that is all for this Mystery CAL!! Cant wait to see everybody submissions :) Time to go submit mine now :)
Thank you again for your support <3 Love you all :-*

Week 9 of 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL

Week 9 is completed :) Woo-Hoo!!!! Only 1 more week left to go till my afghan is complete :)

Week 9 felt like it took forever!!!! but it was well worth it in the end! :) I love the way this stitch straightens up the afghan!!

You can find the pattern here:

& The helpful video an be found here:

My completed Week 9 work :)

Danele Kellar's photo.

Thank you everybody for your love and support :) You have really helped me get the motivation throughout this project!!!

Week 8 of 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL

Happy Thursday Everybody :) & I deeply apologize to everyone for posting these last couple of weeks so late!!  It has been a hectic house around here lately and I am finally able to sit down and blog :-P lol

Anyways... Week 8 consisted of a cross treble technique that we bordered the afghan in. & It is gorgeous!! This is one of my favorite techniques that we learned during this CAL and I will definitely be using it on future projects :)

The pattern for week 8 can be found here:

The helpful video:

My completed work for Week 8 <3

Thank you everybody for your support <3 Love you all XOXO :-*

Friday, April 3, 2015

Weeks 6 & 7 of 2015 Mystery afghan CAL

I have to honestly say that I absolutely loved this pattern. We used the braiding technique to connect all of our squares :) I have never seen this pattern worked before and I love it! I will definitely be using this technique in the future!!

The pattern can be found here:

& Mikeys very helpful video can be found here:

Week 5 of 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL

Happy Good Friday everybody!! And I am sorry i havent posted in awhile! Bit im here now :)

Week 5 for the 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL was a breeze ♡ You can find the pattern here:
And the video here:

Pkease like my page on

Thank you everyone!! ♡

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 4 of 2015 Mystery Afghan CAL

Yay!! I am pleased to announce that I have finally finished week 4 :) This week we basically just made the sqaures bigger... with a little oomf!! ;) ♡
Here is my finished product:

All photagraphy and crochet was unprofessionally done by myself, Danele Kellar ♡ :-*

You can find week 4s pattern at

Mikeys amazing and super helpful video tutorial for week 4!!

KAL - Week 4 - Daisy Stitch:

Im sorry everyone that this is a late posting!! But its here now :)