Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome! my introduction :)

Hi everybody! & welcome to Truly Yours Crochet blog! This is my first blog that I am actually hoping to stick to, so lets see how it goes :)

First things first, let me introduce myself to all of you :) My name is Danele Kellar and I am a stay at mother to my two beautiful children, Alexis (4) & Ethan (1). I also have three more amazing stepchildren, Maddison (15), Daniel (14), & Maghan (12). I have the best fiance in the world, Edwin Garzon, who completely supports my passion! Without him none of this would be possible!

 I learned how to crochet when i was 10 years old by my nana, Patty Rice. I remember sitting on her couch and watching her crochet different projects. There was this specific moment i remember when i wanted to help her crochet a blanket and she explained me to me that not everybody crochets the same and has different techniques (which i know to be true now). I was stubborn and insisted that I could make them look the same (I had only been crocheting for about a week at this point). So my nana let me, even though She took out my stitches afterwards lol (She thought i didnt know) haha. Anyways, point is... I just wanted to share that story :) lol & crocheting is something i love to do. :)

This is Day 1 of my blog, so excited to see its turnout :) Have a great day everyone!

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