Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Mystery Crochet Along!! :)

I am so excited today and this is why:


The direct link withh all the info is here:

Has everyone got all the yarn that they need?? I am going today to pick my colors and get my yarn!!! I am so lucky to have a fiance who supports my passion!! 

As per the video, this is supposed to be the "crown jewel" of afghans, so this makes me even more excited to get started on this!!

They will be releasing a clue each week and I will post all of my progress on here 
each week for everybody to see and follow!! :) 

I am so motivated for this that, I will be only working on this project for 10 weeks
(Unless I finish the weeks work quicker than i anticipate)

Cant Wait!! Join Me on this project!!

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