Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quick Girl Baby Shower gifts.

Hey everybody! I just wanted to quickly say Thank You to everybody out there who has decided to stop by :)

So, I dont know about all of you, but HOLY BABIES!!! One of my younger brothers just had a baby last month, as well as my older sister, and my youngest brother will be having a baby girl in the nxt couple of months! So I have looked around for quick & FREE baby shower crochet patterns :) & to help all of you I will be posting them here!! YAY! Dont you love it when you find these?!?

All photos were taken by myself and are the result of each pattern i have listed, 

Just in time for spring are these super cute baby strap flip flops!
Baby Strap Flip Flops Free Pattern by Bethany {Whistle and Ivy}

These were so easy to make and took me only an hour! 

The next ones I want to share with you are the Barefoot Butterfly Sandals!! These are absolutely adorable & I love them!

I love her website on repeatcrafterme, she has so many different and fun free patterns to experiment with :) 

Now on to baby hats!!!! Who doesnt love a cute and quick baby hat crochet pattern? Cause I DO!! <3

This little newborn hat is so quick and easy!! 

The last project I am going to list today is another newborn girls hat and it is so pretty and looks so delicate!! Its so angelic and I cannot wait to see my niece in it <3

So that sums it up for today and I hope all of you enjoy these patterns & I cant wait to see what you have done!! Thanks for stopping by and if you get the time please stop by my facebook page and click LIKE!!! THANK YOU THANKS AGAIN!! Happy Crocheting :)

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