Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 2 of Mystery Afghan CAL

So I have completed Week 2 of the mystery afghan CAL :) HURRAY!! I cannot wait for tomorrow when we get the third clue!!!!

Here is my completed Week 2 project!

Photography done by myself, Danele Kellar :)

I really enjoyed this weeks pattern. It was a pattern I have never done before, so I was really excited about the turnout. I am so anxious to find out the next piece to this puzzle!!! I wonder if we will be doing another add on!!!!! 

If you are looking for the pattern for this week you can find it here:

Mikey from the crochet crowd also does a video tutorial, which i am not ashamed to say I used :) It is so helpful, especially when you want to double check your work. :)

Well, that is the end of this weeks progress :) Follow me for next weeks update :) 
Thank you for all of your support! XOXO

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